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10 Things to do this Labor Day Weekend

by Char Kernen on September 01, 2022



10 Things to do this Labor Day Weekend


10 Things to do this Labor Day Weekend

It is September, and Labor Day Weekend is right around the corner!

What are your plans for this long holiday weekend? If you are planning to stay home or “staycation” then this post is for you.

Planning a weekend at home can be just as relaxing as going away for a long weekend. In some cases, it can be more relaxing.

Below are some ideas to help you make the most of this long weekend.

Are you a foodie? Visiting a restaurant, you have wanted to check out for some time could be a great way to spend an afternoon or evening.  Maybe it is near the water, or in your downtown area. Dining at a new place can always be a great experience.

Tour your own hometown.  When was the last time you took the time to visit your own hometown, adjacent towns, or villages near your home.  This is a great weekend for it.  Check local guides for festivals, craft fairs, etc. Who knows you may find a new place to frequent. Looking to go a little further?

Take a day trip. Visit a town or city that is a few hours away. Maybe even get a hotel for the night and enjoy the amenities. Doing a short getaway near home can give you those vacation vibes and be budget friendly too.


Selfcare - spa day

Treat yourself to a spa day. Grab a friend or go solo, either way, a spa day is always a good idea.


Love the outdoors? Spend some time outdoors and get some exercise in.  Go on a hike or bike ride at a local park, pack a lunch and have a picnic.



Go to the beach.  Depending on where you live, spending a day at your local beach can be so relaxing and rejuvenating too. Many local beaches offer family activities on holiday weekends too, so check out your area. Many have live music, food festivals, beer tents, etc.

Backyard BBQ

Host a backyard BBQ. Nothing says holiday weekend than a BBQ with family and friends.  Try out some new recipes, and maybe a signature cocktail.  Set up games for both the adults and the kids.  Then, maybe have a movie night at dusk, or a bonfire with smores.

Do you enjoy a glass of wine now and then? Beer? How about Cider? Visit a local winery or brewery.  Many wineries and breweries offer small plates or lunch too. You also may be able to tour the facility. September is also a great time to visit local cider mills.  Enjoy fresh cider and donuts, maybe apple pick, etc. This is always a great family outing.

Take time for self-care. Planning some time for you is so important.  What better time to do that than a long holiday weekend.  Make it a lowkey weekend just for you.  Curl up in your favorite space, grab a book, and your favorite snack and just relax.  How about that series you love to watch but are so behind on, maybe a binge-watching session in your most comfy clothes is what you need.


Home Improvement

Tackle that home improvement project. Long weekends are a great time to dive into that home project you have been wanting to do. Maybe organize a storage area (this may or may not be on my agenda LOL)





Whatever your plans are this Labor Day weekend, I hope you have a safe and happy one doing the things that make you happy. 


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