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About Travel Treasure Box

Travel is one of life's grandest treasures and can change us in profound ways. It is not just about checking an item off our bucket list; it is an avenue for personal growth. It takes us out of our comfort zone and on an amazing journey that offers the opportunity to experience new cultures, stunning landscapes, and unique cuisine.



The Dalai Lama

It is with this mindset, and my personal passion for seeking new adventures that I created Travel Treasure Box.

So, what's it all about?


Welcome to Travel Treasure Box

Most of us cannot travel as much as we would like for several reasons, and for many, trying to decide where to go next can be a daunting task.

This is where we shine!

Our travel box is curated to be a passport to a new destination every quarter. We aim to create an experience, a curiosity, to inspire your next adventure. Each box is themed, and thoughtfully curated with at least 5-6 premium items including consumable items, lifestyle and home décor, accessories, travel items, and a full color insert that takes you on a journey which ties our theme together including all box items, and showcased destination.

Our goal is to do more than just spark your wanderlust!



Travel Treasure Box Our Mission

I have been fortunate enough to experience some amazing places over the years, and the excitement of visiting a new destination, new culture, meeting new people, and tasting local cuisines never gets old. I love getting lost in a small village and looking in all the shops, taking a drive through the mountains, or just relaxing with a glass of wine and enjoying the sunset over the water. 

See that’s the thing, there is always something new to experience no matter what the destination is.

 Travel Treasure Box - About My Passport


Think back to your last getaway no matter what it was. Think about that favorite moment or memory. These are what I cherish the most and what keeps me going.

However, you don’t always have to go somewhere to find those special moments, they happen every day, backyard Bar-B-Q’s, that staycation filled with game nights, bonfires, smores, and maybe a glass a wine (did I mention I like wine) .

How about that time when you laughed so hard your belly hurt!

Or when you cozied up in a lounge chair in your backyard and read a book you have wanted to read for the past 6 months.

Creating these memories, along with my passion for travel, are what inspired me to create Travel Treasure Box!

We would love to have you join our community!

We will inspire you with information on all things travel, including industry tips and tricks.

Looking for a fun filled weekend at home, we have some great tips for making the most of your next weekend staycation.


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I can’t wait to go on this adventure with you!