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11 Long-Haul Travel Essentials

by Char Kernen on August 27, 2022

Long-Haul Flight Essentials

That vacation you have been waiting for is finally right around the corner, and you are so excited.  However, the flight to your destination is a long one and you want to be prepared. 

Although the anticipation of what lies ahead can help get you through the flight out, flying across the pond can still be tiresome.  Below is a list of items I have found to be helpful when flying abroad. 

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Carry-On Packing Essentials

Bring a sweater or a travel blanket – planes can be cold sometimes and both can help keep you warm, especially on overnight flights.  Word of advice; don’t use an airline blanket that is not wrapped in plastic. Get my favorite travel blanket here.

Bring a neck pillow or a jacket/sweater – If you are one of those people that can sleep on a plane (so jealous) a neck pillow should probably be a staple in your carry-on.  If you are not a fan of travel pillows bring a jacket or sweater that can give you neck support while sleeping. The person next to you may thank you for not sleeping on their shoulder.

Try to sleep – Many cross-country flights or overseas flights fly over night.  If you can find a way to get some rest, it can only help once you are in that new time zone -and it will pass the time!

Bring your own entertainment – Most long flights offer seat back entertainment systems.  But if that is not working or you are just not interested, bring your own laptop, iPad, Kindle, etc. and don’t forget headphones.

Wear compressions socks – These will assist with swelling/water retention due to sitting for long periods of time.  Try to get up and walk around every few hours too!  This will help to get your blood flowing! Here are the socks I wear on long flights.

Wear comfortable shoes – This one is critical for me. The right shoes can make all the difference on travel days.  Remember, many airports are very large and there is always a lot of walking to do.

Bring your own empty water bottle – Once you are through security many airports have freshwater stations to fill a water bottle before boarding your flight.  Once on the flight, make sure if you drink any water it is bottled.  Here are a couple options for your carry-on: This slim 20 oz. tumbler comes with a straw and straw cleaner too, and also, I wide range of colors.  Another option is this collapsible water bottle.

Pack yourself a snack bag – Although most long flights offer a meal and snack service, I always pack wrapped healthy snacks to have on the plane.

Bring a deck of cards or a travel game – playing cards or travel Scrabble will always help pass the time especially if you are traveling with children. Here is a link for a travel Scrabble game; it is small, and the tiles lock into place, making it a perfect game to play on a plane.

Bring a “freshen up” bag – Whenever we travel on overnight or long flights (over 5 hours) I always bring a small bag with a toothbrush and toothpaste, facial & body wipes, eye mask for puffy eyes (love these), deodorant, and maybe some make up 😊.  It feels so good to quickly freshen up before landing or once at the airport. Reminder, make sure any liquids in your carry-on are TSA approved.

Pack an extra outfit – I will typically bring an extra outfit in my carry-on. In case I spill something while on the flight, there is a luggage delay, or I want to change into fresh clothes after a long flight.

Hope this helps and happy traveling! 


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