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New Requirements when Traveling to Europe in 2024!

by Char Kernen on August 02, 2023

New Requirements Coming in 2024 for U.S. Passport Holders

Planning a trip across the pond in 2024?

You will likely need more than a passport to visit those bucket list cities in Europe.

According to Conde Nast, Forbes and other news sources, there is a new regulation that will be put in place sometime in early 2024, that will require all U.S. Passport holders to apply for travel authorization for Schengen Member European Countries. ūüõāūüéę

Travel Treasure Box - 2024 Visa Requirements for Europe

Although this has been talked about over the past couple years, sources are saying that this requirement will be launched in 2024, through the ETIAS, or the European Travel Information and Authorization System. ETIAS europa.eu

There will be an application process to get approval to travel to the Schengen Member Countries. As of now, the website (shown above) is up, but is currently not accepting applications. ūüął

Sources are saying the approval process for most Americans should be straight forward and painless. However, submitting your application next year prior to booking your flight is probably a good idea. ‚úąÔłŹ

According to Conde Nast Traveler, ETIAS is not a visa in the traditional sense; it requires a quick online application, with approval delivered via email. Some of the information asked will include personal information, future travel plans and your travel history. They may also ask for security information.

As of this week, they are saying that most applicants will be granted authorization within an hour. If for some reason further checks are required, the process could take up to 96 hours for approval. ūüďÉ

The application costs approximately 7 Euros or ($8 US Dollars) and is required for all travelers regardless of their age. ūüíĶūüí∂

Travel Treasure Box - 2024 New Visa Requirements for Travel to Europe

Although you may be concerned about this new requirement, don't worry too much, it appears that for most, the process should be a smooth one. Also, once approved the authorization is valid for multiple entries for up to three years or until your linked passport expires (whichever comes first) in which case a new authorization would be required. 

Below is a list of current Schengen Member Countries, EFTA Countries on Schengen Agreements, and lastly, a list of future Schengen Member Countries.


Current Schengen Member Countries:


Austria                              Germany                          Netherlands

Belgium                             Greece                               Poland

Croatia                              Hungary                            Portugal                           

Czech Republic                Italy                                   Slovakia

Denmark                          Latvia                                 Slovenia

Estonia                              Lithuania                          Spain

Finland                              Luxembourg                     Sweden

France                               Malta


European Free Trade Association (EFTA) on Schengen Agreements:

Iceland                              Liechtenstein                    Norway               Switzerland


Future Schengen Member Countries:

Bulgaria                            Cyprus                             


 As you can see most EU countries will require this new authorization.

My advice, if you are booking next year’s travel, make sure you ask your travel consultant, cruise line, or airline if this additional travel document will be required.

There could always be delays in the launch and/or changes to the actual program so stay tuned. We will update you as we are provided with additional information.


Happy Travels!




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