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Oh The Places We Will Go: The Story Behind Travel Treasure Box

by Char Kernen on March 23, 2024

Oh, the Places We Go!

The Story Behind Travel Treasure Box: Crafting Unique Travel Experiences One Box at a Time


Hi there, I'm Char, and for those who don't know me, I created Travel Treasure Box out of my love for exploring the globe and my desire to meet others who share a passion for travel. It is my dream to build a community of fellow travel enthusiasts, where we can share information, travel experiences, destination hidden gems, etc.

As the founder and Chief Explorer Officer (CEO), my mission has always been fueled by my passion for exploring the vast and vibrant world we live in. My interest in diverse cultures, landscapes, all types of cuisine, and the people and stories that each corner of the globe holds has been somewhat of a guiding light in my life. It is this love for discovery and adventure that inspired me to create Travel Treasure Box, a unique quarterly subscription box designed to bring the world to your doorstep one destination at a time.

Travel Treasure Box

The idea was born from my own experiences and with the help of my mentor. Over the years I have been fortunate enough to visit and experience a number of diverse destinations, which has only increased my desire to see and learn more. For years, I have spent my down time diving into all things travel, uncovering the top destinations to visit, and learning about tips for packing, booking do's and don'ts, and so much more. From that research I continue to add new destinations to my ever-growing bucket list.

However, like so many of you, my vacation time was limited, which often meant having to choose carefully where to spend those precious days off. Yet, my curiosity and desire to explore the world could not be contained to just a few weeks a year.

This virtual exploration kept that curiosity fed and wanderlust going in between those cherished vacations with family and friends. Discovering unfamiliar places through books and travel blogs served as an inspiring extension of my travel experiences. It was and still is a way to keep the spirit of adventure alive, to continuously learn and grow, even when I could not physically be somewhere else.

This unwavering passion and mindset ignited the creation of Travel Treasure Box. To serve a community with a like-minded passion for travel, who also believe that travel does not have to be limited to only the times we can get away. It is a celebration of the beauty that comes from learning and understanding diverse cultures, from seeing the world through another's eyes, and from the personal growth that comes with each new discovery. It is about bringing those experiences into our daily lives, enriching our routines with the magic of travel, and sharing that magic with a community of like-minded explorers.

Travel Treasure Box

Travel Treasure Box is more than just a subscription box, it is a bridge between the desire to explore and the reality of everyday constraints. It is for those who dream of wandering through the streets of Paris, tasting the spicy flavors of Thai cuisine, or feeling the serene beauty of the Japanese countryside, all without leaving their home. Each box is carefully curated with this in mind, bringing together a collection of items that offer a taste, a piece of home décor, a glimpse, or a sense of place, allowing you to embark on a journey around the world, one box at a time.

However, our passion extends beyond the quarterly boxes we curate; did you know that we have a travel blog too?

Our travel blog is packed with information on top destinations, where to travel and when, travel tips and tricks, what to pack, latest travel news, and the list goes on. We want to not only take you on a journey with our subscription box, but we also want to help and inspire your next vacation.

One of the most unexpected yet delightful aspects of running my small business has been the incredible opportunity to connect with a diverse array of new acquaintances and product partners from across the country and around the world. Most notably were the small business owners I collaborated with while curating our winter box; “Discovering Norway.” I was able to make a new friend in Bergen, Norway and in Anchorage, Alaska. How amazing is that!

Travel Treasure Box

These connections have not only enriched our offerings but have also given us the opportunity to forge a network of relationships with people and product partners from all corners of the world. Which in return allows me to bring authenticity and depth to you, our community, as I curate each quarterly box experience.

Travel Treasure Box is not just about delivering exceptional travel experiences through our boxes; we are about fostering a vibrant community of explorers, united by our shared passion for discovering the world one destination at a time!

Do you love to travel? 🌎🧳📦 Come join us!


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