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Traveling in 2023? Check Out These Travel Industry Trends

by Char Kernen on January 09, 2023


The holidays are over, and the decorations are being taken down for another year.

It’s a new year, and if you are anything like me, you are ready to go somewhere. But where?

The travel industry is expecting 2023 to be a very busy year for travelers. Although 2022 saw many travelers, there were many issues too. Flight cancellations, trip cancellations, car rental reservations lost, etc. Let’s face it, for many, they have been couped up for over 2 years, and those that have traveled may have not had the best experience in 2022. Note, although there were delays in 2022, there were many who had amazing experiences, and were able to check a few things off their bucket list. My husband and I were one of the lucky ones. We were finally able to take a bucket list trip to Italy and Greece in September (that had been cancelled twice before) and we had no issues. Grateful for that.

Back to this year and what the travel industry is buzzing about.

They are saying that 2023 will be all about the savvy traveler. Costs are expected to increase, and traveling “off season” may not mean lower prices and less crowds.

So where are travelers booking? Trends include retreats, off-the-grid and phone-free travel, and multi-generational vacations. Families are looking forward to reconnecting, planning destination family-reunions, etc.

Do you love adventure? You are not alone; many travelers are embracing the great outdoors this year. National Parks are expecting higher attendance, both in peak and off-season months. Natural attractions and hidden gem destination, and visiting small towns are also at the top of the list.

Personal betterment retreats and spa resorts also seem to be getting a lot of attention in 2023. Many travelers are looking to treat themselves this year with the gift of health and wellness.

Other trends to look for include brands getting more creative and looking to transform their current offerings in 2023. Thinking more outside the box. Some luxury hotels are even considering adding yachts to their portfolio of options per Travel & Leisure.

You may also see new types and offerings from “All-Inclusive” brands.

Love to cruise? This industry was hit hard over the past couple years. Cruise brands are looking to offer new itineraries in 2023 and beyond, as well as more on-land options. Some cruise lines are even purchasing resort hotels. You can also expect new and bigger ships to come to the market over the next 12-18 months. Royal Caribbean International for example will take delivery of its newest ship, Icon of the Seas next year, and it is said to be incredible, and to cater to all types of travelers.

No matter where you are planning to travel, know what you are buying. Compare pricing options, research, be savvy. We are avid cruisers, and I do my homework before I book, and I continue to research even after booking. Don’t be misled by all the different offerings brands advertise and assume it is the best deal. Do the math! Some are totally worth it, and some are not.

No matter what your plans are this year for travel, I hope you make memories that last a lifetime.

Per a booking.com recent survey, 75% of people believe that no matter how much goes into planning a trip, whether it is a weekend away or a bucket list vacation, traveling will always be worth the time it may take to make it happen.

Happy Travels and Happy New Year!





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